Who is The Broke Vegan?


Welcome to The Broke Vegan – a newly revamped, rethought, and revived blog fueled by brain fodder and all things green.

Lady Bug – about 2 days after she came to live with me!

I’m a 20-something living outside of New York City – and food is my drug.

My choice to become vegan started with a rabbit.

In March of 2012 I rescued (or was rescued, depending on who you talk to) by a bundle of brown, black and white fur named Cab. Renamed Lady Bug by yours truly, I could never really look at meat the same way again. Lady Bug is a sentient being – she has thoughts and emotions – happiness, fear, curiosity, impatience, “bunny-zen” (as I call it) and irritation. (yes – rabbits can get irritated). Their emotions may not be as developed as ours, but believe me – they have them.

There are some places in the world where LB would be considered a delicacy – as juvenile as it sounds – I stopped eating meat as soon as I brought her home. I just couldn’t stomach (pun intended) the thought of eating someone else’s pet!

Let me be clear – I’m not thrilled about slapping the “vegan” label on myself. While I pride myself on fighting the stigma that the word “vegan” carries outside our veg-head community, to me – it’s about being a compassionate person. Compassionate to other people, (other “beings” if you will), compassionate to myself and to our Mother Earth.

My life outside my plate consists of a full time job in a (nicely decorated) cube, an attempt at a Bikram yoga practice, a Masters Degree (8 classes to go!) my wonderfully supportive and carnivorous family, and darling boyfriend DC – who bravely eats any and all my veg-head concoctions with a smile and a nod (unless there are olives involved – then I’m on my own).

I can’t promise I’ll be perfect – but I can promise I’ll be interesting!

Here we go!


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