Anyone know what to do with Rainbow Chard?

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Aside from still reeling from my “bender” – I’m trying to recover with juicing most of this week. Although this afternoon they did have edamame in the cafeteria – so edamame and a fruit juice it was! (I can’t resist those little pods!)

Keep calm and juice on – isn’t that the saying?

Feet & the Outer Banks

Tomorrow is an veg-tastic day folks – I’m getting my first delivery from Urban Organic – an semi-local organic grocery delivery service! From their website:

  • Here’s how Urban Organic works: We bulk-b uy our produce, groceries and dairy goods from organic farmers’ cooperatives, distributors and individual farmers. We try to give our local farmers as much of our business as possible. All of our supplies are certified organic by the USDA, whose stringent standards ensure that no chemicals have been used in the production process. All of our produce and groceries are Certified Organic!

The idea of someone else doing my grocery shopping always weirded me out for some reason (I’m looking at you PeaPod) but I don’t get the same vibe from Urban Organic. Probably because my “box” isn’t specific to me – it’s whatever is in season. The luck of the agricultural draw, if you will.

This week’s box consists of:

Corn / Carrots / Broccoli / Green Leaf Lettuce / Russet Potatoes / Rainbow Chard / Kale / Valencia Oranges / Nectarines / Cameo Apples / Bananas / Grapefruit / Mango / Packham Pears

That’s A LOT of produce.
Whelp – no choice but to dive right in, right!? Does anyone know what to do with rainbow chard?!

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