It was a Vegetarian Christmas!

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Peeps! – Yesterday my first order of Urban Organic came! WHOOO!

So – for those unfamiliar – Urban Organic is a semi-local home delivery service for organic fruits & vegetables. I say “semi-local” because the company gives as much of their business to local farmers as possible – however – they do buy bulk from organic farms all around the country. I’d been looking for a CSA local to Westchester County NY – but it’s been hard. Most farms are in southern NJ and VERY expensive. But if I’m wrong – and someone out there knows of a good CSA in my area – please let me know!!


I knew what I was getting – (they post the list weekly) – but I didn’t know how much I was getting. I ordered the “Original Box” (see photo)- which is supposed to feed 2-3 people. (Read: 1 vegan & a bunny)

No lie – when I opened that box I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Like I had told Santa what I wanted, and even though he SAID he’d bring me what I wanted – I wasn’t 100% sure.

Remember that feeling?!

It. was. GLORIOUS.

I got:

Rainbow Chard – who knew it was really that pretty?!




FYI – this whole box cost me $40 – including shipping & handling! Considering I spend about $55 a week on groceries – I think this is a pretty good deal – I break even and feel better about where/what I’m buying.

While I consider myself an equal opportunity food lover – I’d never had chard. So obviously that was the first thing I made for dinner.

I found a recipe online for sauteed spinach & chard with garlic. I also threw some kale in there for good measure (considering I detest Kale juice). Like any good Italian – I think everything tastes better smothered in marinara sauce – but I managed to restrain myself.

Wow – this looks REALLY unappealing – must take photos in better light 🙂

Seasoned with Indian spices, lemon, ginger & garlic – it was pretty good! Chard stems sort of have the texture of celery – and there was a little bit of bitterness (curse you Kale!) but it was definitely something I’d make again. Sans the lemon juice though – it was a bit overwhelming for me.

Waring: this recipe is very, VERY ahem – “cleansing” – (if you will). Just a heads up

I’ve got a plan for pretty much everything in the box – the fruit I can eat whole, and the greens go either in juices or sauteed for dinner. I found this DANK looking recipe on this cool new website called Instructables (has anyone else heard of this?! All the instructions have photos!! There’s a whole vegan/vegetarian section!!) for (brace yourself)

Fat Free Vegan Potato Spinach Balls.

I don’t know the brilliant mind who created these – but I cannot wait to make them! How delicious do they look?! It seems like an easy way to get rid of the potatoes without having to mash ’em.

The only item I’m really struggling with is two ears of sweet corn. I don’t have an outside grill, but I do have a gas stove, so I could technically grill them. Does anyone have a good suggestion for what to do with them?

On a totally unrelated note – I lost 2.5 of the 5lbs I gained over vacation this week. 🙂


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