A Mango Mess, Awesome Arugula & Spinach/Potato Rounds

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When we last checked in on the Broke Vegan (moi) I had just received my first ever Urban Organic delivery. Since we spoke – I tackled the corn cobs that were in the basket. A co-corn-conspirator suggested microwaving an ear for 2/3 minutes (silk removed) then grilling over my gas stove (i.e. open flame).

I removed the husk and (what I thought) all the hairy, silky stuff on the inside. Little did I realize that there are nearly transparent hair like thingys that remain on the corn – even though they are practically invisible to the naked eye. No harm, no foul, until these little tendrils started popping on my corn – nearly giving me a heart-attack and (almost) dropping my corn onto the stove.

Open flame + corn on the cob = popcorn attack & smoke alarm.

While I manged to not set my apartment on fire, it may take a little more practice for me to become a corn-handler extraordinaire.

My Spinach & Potato rounds came out much better (see photo) – Dead easy –

1. Peel & boil potatoes (*Rookie mistake warning – put potatoes in pot BEFORE water reaches scalding temperatures. Dropping hefty potato chunks in boiling liquid results in splatter and kitchen panic)
2. Cook spinach until wilted in pan
3. Once potatoes are half way between firm & mushy (about 6 minutes) – drain & let cool for a minute or two

4. Mash & mix potatoes & spinach in bowl. Pat yourself on the back for getting a good arm work out 🙂

Spinach & Potato rounds – The Mixture
I also froze some of these in rounds for later baking – I’ll figured they were just like alternative french fries – so they should be ok!

5. Roll into balls.
6. Bake until brown.
7. Serve with marinara sauce (like any good Italian)

Delicious right out of the oven! You can reheat either in the microwave or the oven. Oven = crispy & Microwave = mushier

The final unknown ingredient in the delivery was a mango. Yes – I’ve had mango before – however, I’ve never actually prepared one.


If you’ve never peeled/prepped a mango – be prepared for a seriously disappointing first attempt. My mango cutting skills are abysmal – I ended up with some mashed, mush of fruit on my cutting board – nothing like the firm, tender pieces that decorate my seaweed salad from my favorite sushi place. Don’t get me wrong – I still ate it. I actually ate the entire thing right off the cutting board. Mango falling through my fingers and all. Aside from looking like fruit road kill – it still tasted great.

Sigh – getting another in next week’s delivery – cross your fingers for a better show!

In addition to the Urban Organic delivery – I also visited a local farmer’s market on Saturday and found the most amazing arugula. Yeah – I just used bold font here – it’s well warranted. The people selling it said it was a mixture of 2 types of wild arugula – I legit have never tasted a more delicious, peppery, nom-licious green. I’ve been eating it out of the bag like potato chips.

Can you make arugula chips?! Must investigate….

I also bought some white Japanese turnips – which, according to the farmers – are amazing roasted.

I have never eaten a turnip. Ever. In my life.

My experience with turnips is limited to the chapter in the Molly American Girl book where Molly can’t leave the table until she finishes her turnips. (Anyone? Anyone else know what I’m talking about?!)

Needless to say I’ll be tackling those tonight!


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