Vegan Dinner Fail – The First of Many

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Had my first “dinner dump” tonight.

I was just going to sauté up some leftover rainbow chard & these cool little do-dad veggies called garlic scapes (scrapes? Creapes?) I don’t know – but they are basically garlic flowers that you pick and eat. Yet another farmer’s market find!

In a moment of genius (read: stupidity) I thought I could make an impromptu stir-fry/simmer sauce with a little bottle of rasberry wasabi dipping mustard (Homegoods “gourmet” foods isle – delicious!).

So – I heated up some minced garlic and threw the mustard in the sauté pan. I used some flax seed & water – because I read somewhere that that combo can be used as a thickening agent. I also figured the water would give it enough liquid to “cook down” (I have no idea if I’m using these terms correctly -FYI)

I’ll be honest – my rainbow chard was less than fresh. It was sort of wilty – not slimy and brown – just wilted.

This did not transfer well into the pan.

Not only did the chard take on a mushy, snot-like texture – but there was zero – yes – ZERO taste from my mustard concoction. What a waste of perfectly good mustard. The garlicky things were ok – they stayed nice and crispy.

To the garbage it went – and I ate a grilled red pepper.

Sigh -you win some you lose some!

However – Last night’s turnip was a triumph! I think they’re called Japanese White Turnips – and I chopped off the top leafy things and the long tendrils on the bottom and roasted them with olive oil & Italian seasoning at 400 degrees, until they turned brown & tender. They sort of had the consistency of the bottoms of broccoli – the stem part. I paired them with a cut up tomato and the awesome arugula for a salad

Roasted Turnips!

The “awesome arugula” salad!

It’s admittedly easier for me to watch what I put into my body, than what I do with my body. I loathe exercising. Seriously. It’s the bane of my existence. I hate it. I hate everything about it – the sweat, the other people, the heat, the uber perky instructors, did I mention the sweat?

It doesn’t help that I’ve had regular & reoccurring pain in my knees during my exercise of choice – running. I’m getting to the point where even sitting in my desk (with my legs bent) all day is starting to bother me. I stopped running – aside from hating it – but to keep myself from doing any more damage.

While Bikram, or “sit & sweat”, as I refer to it – was nice, it was a logistical nightmare to get to classes after work. What to do, what to do?

My local YMCA was offering a summer special – a discounted rate for 3 months of unlimited access. And they have something my gym didn’t –


What the heck – I signed up.

This morning I swam laps for the first time in, probably 10 years.

I. Was. A. Mess.

Just as an FYI – running prepares you for NOTHING – other than more running. Seriously – I was stopping in between laps, my arms are still aching, ermagahd – ouch.

Totally didn’t help that the Senior Citizens were kicking A$$ in the lanes next to me. It felt like it did during my first 5K when I got lapped by the mom with the tandem stroller… running….uphill…

Again – you win some, you lose some. I went to Dick’s tonight & got a swim cap & goggles. If I can’t ACT the part – I might as well LOOK it!


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