“A santey-sana squash-banana” – On Green Breakfasts


I love breakfast carbs.

The people who “skip” breakfasts blow my mind – who does that? Breakfast is the best meal of the day! Pancakes, muffins, faux-egg-omletts, bagels, tofutti….


I don’t have the 30 minutes each morning to craft a steaming bowl of steel-cut oats garnished with chia seeds. I have about 20 minutes from the time my alarm goes off at 5:15 to the time I have to be out the door for bikram at 5:40. (I say 20 minutes because I have a close relationship with my ‘snooze’ button).

Therefore everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, must be done the night before. Laying out my clothes, changing the rabbit’s litterbox, making lunch – none of that is “morning-of” material. ‘Morning -of” is putting on yoga shorts and doing a spit shine with some Listerine.

Which brings us to the breakfast dilemma.

Carbs + Speed =Rice cake with peanut butter & a banana.

This wouldn’t be so bad – if I didn’t spend my day dreaming about peanut butter. I love it. I think it should have it’s own food group. I eat way to much of it, and it’s probably one of the main reasons I can’t seem to lose weight while eating a vegan diet. So – what’s a carb-loving peanut butter addict to do?

Discover the mecca of speedy vegan breakfasts – that’s what!!

Carby, pre-made, CHEAP, and good for you? Oh yeah.

Green Breakfast Muffins- Makes 12 good-sized muffins


2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Flour (I used the wheat/flax/fancy-healthy combo)

2 tablespoons Sugar in the Raw (Depending on the amount of sweet you want in your muffin – 1 tablespoon = 1 sugar packet)

1 tablespoon flax seed

2 tablespoons chia seeds (yes – they are on the expensive side, but a large bag will last you for a long time)

1 cup water

1 cup juiced spinach (it’s 1 entire small box of the stuff in the naturals section. Spinach is usually pretty cheap, you can also get the “short-buy” stuff (things that are about to go bad – b/c you’re just going to juice them).

1/4 cup oil

1 santay sana sqaushed banana! (Anyone remember that line from the Lion King?! Anyone!? – Make sure your banana is ripe, under ripe bananas are like getting coal in your Xmas stocking).


(In a bowl) Mix all ingredients well. There may be some lumpy bits, but that’s OK

You may need to add a bit more water – the flax & chia seeds tend to soak up a lot of water, so if you need to add more here – feel free 🙂 It should be runny – yes, sort of like bright green snot.


Green Tea & Green Muffins – the Breakfast of Champions!

Pour muffin mix into greased muffin pan. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes (or until a fork inserted comes out clean)

NOM NOM with a small amount of v. butter and/or humms 🙂


The weirdest part about this was that the tops of the muffins (the “muffin-tops” lol) stayed dark green, and just browned on the edges. The bottom half – where it was inside the pan – were totally brown, looking just like a bran muffin would.

The photo on the right is of the inside – and yes, it was only after I made them, and ate half of one, did I think, “hmm – I should probably take a photo….”

I’m guessing these will keep in an air-tight container for a while. You get 12 muffins out of that batch – with enough flour and chia seeds left over to make at least one, if not 2, additional batches.

Happy Nomming Veg Heads!