The Broke Vegan

Laughter and Spinach are the Best Medicines

Who is The Broke Vegan?

Welcome to The Broke Vegan – a blog fueled by brain fodder and all things green.

Lady Bug – watching Mob Wives with me!

I’m a 20-something living outside of New York City – and food is my drug.

My choice to become vegan started with a rabbit.

In March of 2012 I rescued (or was rescued, depending on who you talk to) by a bundle of brown, black and white fur named Cab. Renamed Lady Bug by yours truly, I could never really look at meat the same way again. Lady Bug is a sentient being – she has thoughts and emotions – happiness, fear, curiosity, impatience, “bunny-zen” (as I call it) and irritation. (yes – rabbits can get irritated). Their emotions may not be as developed as ours, but believe me – they have them.

There are some places in the world where LB would be considered a delicacy – as juvenile as it sounds – I stopped eating meat as soon as I brought her home. I just couldn’t stomach (pun intended) the thought of eating someone else’ pet!

Let me be clear – to me – veganism is about living by “The Golden Rule” – doing unto others as you would have done unto you. It’s not a diet, and it’s not “a lifestyle”. It’s a mantra and a philosophy I try to live by. Simply – it’s compassion.

Navigating the waters of veganism isn’t always easy, but it’s always entertaining. I’d love to hear your tips, tricks and comments!

Here we go!

One thought on “Who is The Broke Vegan?

  1. Was it that easy to just change your food life style?

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