2013 Green Grammys : A Recap


This post initially appeared on One Green Planet on Feb 11th


While staying up until 12:30 to catch all the “behind, during, post, pre-show” commentary makes for a very bleary-eyed Monday morning employee, the 2013 Grammys didn’t disappoint, and was worth losing sleep over!

Before we even get into the Grammys – let’s take a step back, to last weekend’s Beyonce concert   SuperBowl halftime show. In interest of full disclosure, I will shamelessly admit that when Beyonce started performing, I started singing along. And, when Destiny’s Child reunited for that brief 3 minute slice of heaven, I got up off my couch and danced… in my pj’s….alone in my living room. I really don’t think you’re ready for my jelly.

Overall a flawless performance (and if you disagree than I will unfriend you from Facebook) – but Beyonce – why, why did choose to wear something so unfabulous?! As reported by The Guardian, Beyonce’s outfit consisted of (totally unnecessary) snake, cow and iguana. Wearing 3 (ok, maybe 2 – cows are not fierce) fierce animals doesn’t make you Sasha Fierce! This isn’t the only time Beyonce has made some unfriendly fashion choices – at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce arrived wearing a Christian Dior mink coat, FYI Bey – you’re supposed to wear faux fur and sing live – not the other way around!

As for last night’s Grammy extravaganza, vegan songbird and Grammy collector Carrie Underwood took home the award for Best Country Solo Performance – and wore a projection screen around her waist during her musical number. But her red carpet look was all old-Hollywood glam – including a diamond necklace of 380 carats. 380. Carats. She could have bought old-Hollywood for that much.

Normally I watch award shows while noshing on kale chips and hanging out with my rabbit – but it’s an annual tradition amongst my musically-inclined friends that we celebrate “music’s biggest night” and make snarky comments together! My non-vegan friends had buffalo wings, and I ate guacamole. Lots, and lots of guac. So this week’s Best & Worst Dressed comes from a collective vote (so you know it’s not just my own biased opinion).

Best Dressed : CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! There was no room for error with this gown, and she pulls it off flawlessly. Not to mention how fantastic her booty looks! (Hey – I have to give credit where credit is due!) Honorable mentions go to Taylor Swift in J. Mendel – (although she really needs to rethink that ‘do – that’s how I wear my hair to work when I haven’t washed recently) and Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture for literally laughing in the face of CBS’ Dress Code memo

Worst Dressed: A collective groan went up whenAdele arrived in my dead grandmother’s apron, Katy Perry looked like a stick of Minty Fresh gum with a breast-plate, and Florence Welch came as a metallic stegosaurus. For a full list of the red-carpet horror show, please enjoy this photo montage.

Oh, and Jennifer Lopez’s right leg came naked. Who’s leg is better – J. Lo or Angelina!?


2013 Screen Actors (Green) Guild Award : A Recap


This post first appeared on January 29th on One Green Planet : http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/2013-screen-actors-green-guild-awards-recap/


The SAG awards – where actors celebrate actors and they all drink a little too much free champagne! It’s basically like the celebrity equivalent of the holiday office party – there are drinks, dancing, and at least one embarrassing moment to talk about at the water cooler Monday morning Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Fashion 

I have a confession – I am on the Anne Hathaway (Winner, Best Supporting Actress, Les Mis) bandwagon. I admit – I think she’s wonderful, she’s the Queen Vegan Mother of Celebrities and can do no wrong. But what. was. she. thinking with this dress. Anne – please – between the Justin Bieber inspired hair and white-out finger nails paired with too much tulle – I just don’t have words. I’m sorry – I love her and everything she stands for, but I’m just going to shake my head at this one. She even landed on Huffington Post’s “Worst Dressed” list.  Girl always rocks a sick vegan shoe though – this time by designer Jimmy Choo.

Leave it to Vegan Queen in Training Jessica Chastain (Nominee, Best Actress, Zero Dark Thirty) to pick up Anne’s slack. In this slick Alexander McQueen number, I’m going to give her solid A-. Big props for pulling off a dress a similar color to her hair (especially being a red head). I love the silhouette and along with the sleek & soft curl – VERY old Hollywood glam. E! Online (fashion mecca) gave her a nod for “Best Dressed”. And can we discuss the diamonds?! Bling Bling!

I don’t want to sound like a Negative Nancy – but overall, I wasn’t really blown away by the ladies of the red carpet. Maybe celebs knew they were going to party-hardy and didn’t want to ruin their favorite duds – I don’t know. Therefore – my “Best Dressed” is going to a very dapper Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory). In a non-traditional tux, Parsons rocked it – channeling that “can-you-help-me-with-my-science-homework-and-take-me-to-the-prom” vibe. He even landed on the “Hollywood hunks” list with E! News!

Like we need another reason to celebrate – but the 2013 SAG awards offered another victory for animal lovers – a fur-free red carpet! That makes 2  awards shows people!! I heard rumors that someone rocked a faux-fur jacket – whoever you are, thank you for showing that faux is beautiful!!

The Food 

I’m happy to announce the team behind the SAG awards took a cue from the non-veg-friendly Golden Globes team. I’m thrilled to repot there will be not one, not two, but THREE vegan plates offered! Take a look and try to keep yourself from drooling on your keyboard;

  • Roasted beets and blood oranges with mint and black olives
  • Cauliflower couscous with pomegranate salsa
  • Farro with kale, young broccoli, currants and pine nuts

While this isn’t the most advanced of menus (even I can make a pretty mean couscous) – I have to give Chef Suzanne Goin major credit for creating something that will be just as appealing to our omnivore friends as it is to us.

The Fun

What would an awards show be without a little drama?! Popular US show Homeland was snubbed on the awards front by my personal favorite Downton Abbey – even Hollywood actors and actresses want to be Lords and Ladies!

Not a snubbing this time – but a well deserved win for Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. Oh – you haven’t seen Breaking Bad? I suggested you immediately contract the flu and stay in bed for the rest of the week catching up on Nexflix. Yes – Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston are flu-worthy. It’s been on for a while, and it just keeps getting better!

Tune in next time for another round of awkward “thank you” speeches by Anne Hathaway, and the 2013 Grammy Awards!

Celeb Buzz : The (Not So Green) Golden Globes!

Celeb Buzz

This post initially appeared on One Green Planet, on Jan 15th. Enjoy!


Last night kicked off every fashionista’s favorite season – Awards Season! Its here in full swing, and if last night’s Golden Globes were any indication, it should be a great one!

If you haven’t already heard, fellow veg-heads Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain won for “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Actress” (I don’t think that’s a coincidence people!)

Hathaway’s co-star Hugh Jackman took “Best Supporting Actor” and, the always stoic, Daniel Day Lewis took home “Best Actor”. You’ve got to love beautiful people in beautiful clothing – but my favorite moment? Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s opening monologue – do yourself a favor and (re)watch it – clearly these SNL alums haven’t lost their touch.

Does anyone actually watch these shows for the awards? Let’s all admit it – no, no we don’t. Now that we’ve got that out of the way – on to the best parts!

The Fashion : Last night, actress Julianne Hough of Rock of Ages fame, caused me to “bug out” at the sight of her jewelry. You’ll excuse my horrible pun, but you can’t excuse her choices. Jewelry designer Daniela Villegas created a pair of beetle earrings and a stick bug cartilage piece made from… you guessed it… ACTUAL beetles and an ACTUAL stick bug. Her rational to E!’s Giuliana Rancic? “We decided to go a little bit more edgy…” Really?! No. Words.

Bradley Cooper dons an “eco-friendly tux” created by Tom Ford. It’s actually the third tux he’s designed for eco-conscious celebs, he was also the mastermind behind Anne Hathaway’s thigh-high, dominatrix-inspired boots at the Les Mis premier. If the “Sexiest Man Alive” says it – I think we can all agree, Green is Sexy! I wonder how it would look on my boyfriend….

As if being on the “Best Dressed” list isn’t enough – Anne Hathaway rocked another pair of vegan shoes, this time by Aldo. Now – where can I buy a pair? A non-vegan nod to my personal, “Best Dressed” of the night – Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery looking flawless in Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2012. Anne Hathaway can do no wrong, but Michelle stole the fashion spotlight in my book.

The biggest fashion moment of the night? No, not a “wardrobe malfunction”, and no, Angelina Jolie’s leg didn’t return. It was that no one (let me repeat) NO ONE wore fur. Times are a’changing people!! Bunnies around the world are celebrating!

The Food : The celebrities did their cruelty-free part, what about the venue? You’d think that if Best Actress (Jessica Chastain) and Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway) were coming, you’d make sure at least one menu option was veg-head friendly. Nope. Perusing The Beverly Hilton menu – not a single vegan option in sight. I bet you think they whipped something up special for these ladies -(again)- Nope. Mayim Bialik reveals in her blog that she had to nosh on some vegan mac & cheese before hitting the red carpet. Not to mention Woody Harrelson and the darkly handsome Joaquin Phoenix also went hungry. When will people learn? All we need is some kale!

The Fun : What’s an awards show without some good old fashion snark? My personal favorite? Taylor Swift’s stink-eye stare at Diva/Mom Adele after she won “Best Song” for “Skyfall”. I’d recommend watching her entire acceptance speech (who doesn’t want to be this woman’s best friend?) but skip to :50 for the token “mean-girl” look from Taylor. I’d watch your back Adele – next thing you know you’ll join the ranks of Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer and have a sassy tween-girl anthem written about you.

The talk of the town (and my twitter feed) was Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. No one is really sure what, exactly, she was trying to say. Something about privacy, and perhaps she was coming out of the closet, and/or going back in? I laughed, I cried, I admired her toned arms, and, at the end of 7 minutes, still had no idea what she was talking about. (Do we see hints of activism in your future Jodie?!) The one thing I did understand, was that she loves her family. And really – what more do you need to know?

Up Next : Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) Awards – (I hear it’s just one big party!!)